Times are tough.  At MSL we understand your frustration.  We are here to help by giving you a cash advance on your current lawsuit.

We understand you need the money now to pay the bills, repair the car, get the medical attention you deserve and so many other personal things.

You are just 1 click away from having cash in your hands today.

Rates as Low as 1.25%

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$500 To $500,000 In Your Hands Today

Fill out our simple application online and one of our specially trained client representatives will get back to you within 24 hours.

You could have the money you need today, in your hands as soon as today.

Our clients are folks from all over the United States, all 50 of them.

MSL will get your money to you as fast as possible and worry free.  Overnight, Western Union,  money order or pick-up.

Contact us now.

You’ll be sleeping better tonight just knowing that the money you need is on its way.

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Our Commitment

At MSL , we treat our clients with courtesy and integrity.
We help you get a check in your hand as soon as today.

  • No Out of Pocket Fee
  • No Monthly Payments
  • No Credit Check
All we need at MSL is your pending case information.
You can have your approval and cash in your hands as soon as TODAY.

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